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Tornado Leather Lead

Tornado Leather Lead


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Attractive leather dog lead made in Argentina using premium, A-grade Argentinian leather. This leather dog lead is available in two widths, skinny and standard.

The skinny width lead is normally used for puppies and small breeds that wear a pampeano dog collar up to size 45cm and the standard width dog lead is best for pampeano dog collars sized 50cm up.

The leather used on pampeano’s dog leads is exactly the same as that used for our iconic pampeano polo belts. It is strong, durable and made to last, perfectly designed for those dogs that like to pull and strong chrome hardware has been used so you can ensure the safety and security of your dog.

The attractive ‘Tornado’ design featured on this leather dog lead consists of vibrant white, grey and navy threads that have been hand-stitched into the eye-catching block diamond pampa patterns that pampeano is so well known for. This embroidery is made from hard-wearing, waxed saddlery threads, durable enough for those long country dog walks and easy to clean. To clean the stitching on your pampeano dog lead, simply use a sponge dampened with soapy water and scrub in the direction of the stitching and then dry as soon as possible.