Tornado Leather Dog Collar

Tornado Leather Dog Collar


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This stunning Tornado pampeano polo dog collar has been a long standing favourite and has continued to reign season after season.

Pampeano hand-stitched pampa dog collars and leads are the ultimate alternative to plain and standard leather dog collars which make your pampered pooch look super smart whether you’re in the country or the city, pampeano caters for the best of both worlds.

Pampeano’s polo dog collars are available in seven lengths, ranging from XXS 35cm, suited for little pups and Chihuahuas, all the way up in 5cm intervals to XXL 65cm, suited for the largest breeds such as Mastiffs. The collars also come in two widths, 1.5cm for the smaller sizes and 2.5cm for the larger, ensuring comfort, safety and style

XXS, XS XL and XXL are ordered by requested, please contact us to order.