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DOG STREAMZ SMART-COLLARS - StreamZ, make a difference.
• 24/7 use, helping to provide constant support
• Non-intrusive energy field producing no heat
• Utilises 360º magnetic resonance technology
• Suitable for use in water
• Endorsed by canine experts

DOG StreamZ smart collars were developed based on a scientific theory to provide a natural response to a variety of
symptoms found with dogs, following the success found within the equine community.

Each pack contains one smart-collar; comfortably wrapped around the neck of the dog and worn for a minimum of 8
hours per day. Available in three different sizes and adjustable to provide a comfortable fit.

Each DOG StreamZ smart collar contains a continuous strip of StreamZ material, creating a 360º low-frequency energy
field around the dogs neck. StreamZ, make a difference.

Traditional magnets have been used for many years to treat a variety of symptoms. A common disadvantages in using
more traditional products include the inability to leave them on for long periods of time due to the heat created.
StreamZ introduces a new technique in how magnetism is deployed – ‘360º resonance technology’.
StreamZ does not pulse, it spins! This unique process prevents a increase in temperature allowing the collar to be left
on for long periods of time, improving their impact and providing continuous support.

Sizes: (Small) up to 35cm, width 4cm, (Medium) up to 55cm, width 4.5cm (Large) up to 70cm, width 4.5cm.
Colour: All black material with silver branding.

WARNING: Not to be used by any dog diagnosed with a heart condition and fitted with a pacemaker. StreamZ products
must NOT be used in conjunction with traditional magnetic collars, rugs, jackets or beds. Traditional pulsating magnets
can damage the StreamZ energy field.
Please note that once the packaging has been opened and the collar has been in use StreamZ are unable to
replace collars if the wrong size has been ordered. We advise you to measure the neck circumference prior to ordering if
you are unsure. It is advisable to have a collar which is slightly larger than one that is too small – a 360º loop is vital in
ensuring the optimum result.